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If you are interested in a commission please contact me we can discuss the project, I will give you an estimate before I start the work.

It is almost impossible to give you a set price for a bronze portrait on this site.  With the changes in prices from the foundries and various other elements I would not like to commit myself to prices in print here but would endeavour to give you a price before I start work on an item. At the bottom of this page I will give you an idea of starting prices so you know what to expect.

You would need to bare in mind the following to create a bronze:

Firstly you are paying for my time to create the original piece in clay.

This is helped by good photographs showing the various aspects that are personal to your animal
Also good measurements

When I have completed the clay I will send you photographs for you to make any changes you would like to see

Then there is the process of making a mould, usually out of rubber to get a good copy

Then the wax will be poured into the mould

At the foundry the wax will be put through the process to cast it into bronze

Initially they will coat the wax with layers of ceramic slurry which will be dried hard
The dried moulds will then be heated to melt the wax and leave an exact mould to create the cast in
The metal will then be melted at a very high temperature and poured into the ceramic mould creating the basis of the final piece

When the bronze has been released from the ceramic mould it will need to be ‘chased’

Cleaned thoroughly and any repairs made that may be necessary
Taking away any feeders that might have been added to ensure a good flow of metal through the mould

Then the bronze will be ‘patinated’ to give it the colour and finish that you would expect to see.

All this takes time and therefore, to allow for the work that I am producing as well as the work foundries need to get done, to produce a finished item will take around 10 to 12 weeks.

Starting Prices
1/6 life-size dogs approx 6in high From £350.00
1/4 life-size dogs approx 8in high From £425.00

For an example the Old English Mastiff on the Family Pets page cost £2,600 in 2012. This was approximately 15 inches nose to tail.

Larger than the above would need to be discussed on an individual basis.

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