How to order

To order a commission please contact me using the details on the contact page.

We will need to discuss prices and sizing as well as the time it will take to be produced - this can vary a great deal dependant upon the size of the sculpture and the foundry that will be used to cast into the bronze.  Please look at the price guide to give you an idea.

Please look at this form.  I will need as much information as possible to ensure that the representation is as you would like it to be, this will include additional photographs to the ones shown.  I have produced below guide images for the measurements I require.

The pose of the animal is not important. Many of the examples are a seated dog, this is as they were preferred, but I would be pleased to produce a more 'spirited' pose!

Most of the animals in the gallery are commissions for other people, they are approximately one-sixth life-size and some are available to purchase.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Sarah O'Connor

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